Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Cream Pie

To paraphrase a line from Forrest Gump, nasty is what nasty does.

Did you ever notice how the definition of nasty flexs based upon who you are with and how you feel about them.

I happen to be a fanatic about oral sex. I absolutely love giving oral and don't mind getting it (lol). Most people I know see oral play as part of foreplay, the warm up. While I whole heartly agree, I see it as afterplay too. In fact, I fiond it even hotter afterplay and have succeeded in triggering more than a few powerful organisms when practicing the fine art of cunniligus after a greta fuck session.

Since I am vasectomy safe when I play with a woman or couple I know well I sometimes fuck bareback. I have noticed that whenI go down on a woman after one of these rare sessions, she almost always has a powerful orgasm. When queried why the answer is pretty consistent "the thought of your eating cum from my fresh fucked puccy is just sooooo hot." It seems especially hot whe I go down on a woman after both her husband/bf and I have filled her.

It is a sure fire way to recover for round 2 with me.

While some may find this a turn off in concept, in practice I have never met a woman who wasn't totally turned on in practice. Truth be known, it seems to trip a trigger within them and they let go and really enjoy the the session even more.

Anyone else experienced this?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Often Wonder

I think most men wonder what it would be like to experience sex as a woman and maybe some women would like to trade places once or twice. I often wonder what goes through a woman's mind as the dance of seduction unfolds.

At what point does a woman know she would be open to a guy's advances? Is it instantaneous? Does the guy need to flirt, playfully ignore, make a frontal assault before a woman begins to wonder?

At what point does a woman accept the invitation to join the dance? By this I do not mean when does she seccumb but when does she say to herself.. I'll play along. I can always end it if it goes too far.

Is there a point where it goes so far a woman can't bring herself to say no? This is always a fascination for me. Is it that kiss that putss you over the edge/ Is it things we say, nasty or sexy? Is it being touched in a certain place or way?

I am quite certain there is a difference between single and attached women. When single women go for it it is usually an "oh what the heck" sure let's go someplace and fuck.

With married women it is all about letting go. Their lives are the very essence of self control and letting go becomes a near unnatural act for them even under their own roof. At home the worry is will he lose respect for me if I act the slutty whore? Will he suspect I'm cheating if I ask to try something new?

Outside the relationship the question boils down to is the risk worth the potential reward? CAn I respect myself if I act on my impulses? Most never find out.

For those that do make fantasy reality I think the field segments into three groups. The first group is the "I wish I hadn't done that" group. Either guilt riden or a bad experience propels this adventurer to vow never again.

The second group is the "wow, that was fun, I wouldn't want a steady diet of it but, a little strange now and then keeps me feeling alive" group. These women utilize the limited opportunities they allow themselves to explore and experiment. They are usually totally open about their desires especially if their dalliances are with a close circle of regulars or one for that matter.. Their eagerness to let go is the polar opposite of their conservative nature at home. When they let go they become voracious cock suckers, will ride your face like a rodeo cowgirl and fuck you until your cock falls off. They make great friends and the friendship endures even if the sex stops.

The third group is the "if I couldn't do this often I would go insane" group. Their extrarelationship activity often represents their whole sex life. They tend to be open to alternative lifestyle actvities, especially if they find their sexual soulmate. They love to fuck. They are great lovers but, when its over... its over.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Second Life - Anybody Into It

I admit I run hot and cold on it.

I first joined for purely professional reasons. Yes, there was a time when business people utilized second life to promote real life business activities and, in some cases, use the virtual world a s substitute meeting place .

I abandoned any pretense to professional use long ago. Now its all about meeting people, sharing fantasies and getting off. And, trust me I am not alone by a long shot.

Cyber sex never did it for me. Second Life sex does... don't ask me why. Perhaps its the mixture of verbal/textual communication and the visual sense of the avatar. Nearly everyone in Second Life is ripped , hot and wild.

It does amuse me though, when I read a profile that invariable claims that the person profiled NEVER mixes SL with RL (real life). Others go on to claim that their Second Life persona is nothing like them in real life.

It's even more comical when 30 seconds into a conversation you have their location, real age and often a good chunk of their life story.

I must admit I do not believe Second Life and First life are different and if they are its in degree only. IF you like being in a pile getting fucked, eaten and sucking a third cock all at the same time in Second Life, Chances are pretty good you have a strong fantasy in real life and very likely would be as satisfied having the real life experience as the virtual one.

I've done the voice thang with a few women on Second Life and believe me their response is not faked. When a woman is short of breath while chatting and claims she is masterbating I believe her.

The incidence of married women living out their secret life is very high on Second Life and why not.

Does anyone else have any experience to share or ideas on the subject? If you are on SL or decide to try it look me up... LongJon Destiny is the name.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quiet and Shy in Public

Did you ever speculate on who among you acquaintances is hot in bed and who is not. Its been a hobby of mine for ages. My other hobby is confirming my suspicions.

I am not a kiss and tell kind of guy. But, I will share a composite of my findings.

First, if they are sweet flirts in public they are wanton sluts in bed. Amazing but true. That sweet sophisticated woman who bats her eyelashes and giggles sweetly will get naked, get on all fours and say the most amazing things. "Stick your tongue in my pussy now". "give me that cock" "fuck me hard and deep" .

I love that kind of woman. The kind that lays on the bed spreads her legs wide and says "eat me now" and as you start eating her usually soaked pussy she grabs the back of your head and grinds her clit on your mouth.

Then there is the woman who tires hard to be the smoldering sex pot. In my experience they are cold and unresponsive in bed. They like to fuck but hold something back. They don;t surrender themselves.

The in control type, the public dominatrix is almost always a bedroom submissive. She wants to be told what to do. Wants to be used. I avoid this type. I can't even act the user. It turns me off.

Then there is the totally unaffected aloof type. Who ignores you until you are alone then turns into a wild animal. Bring a sewing kit she will shred your clothes. Doesn't say a word. just goes to her knees and sucks your cock until your head collapses and loves it. She is a cum queen. Loves the taste. Can't get enough. She tends to be into kink too. Likes getting fucked in the ass. Again. No words just takes your cock and guides it right to her waiting rosebud.

I love women who will masturbate while I watch. I find that so hot. Especially when they look me right in the eye as they approach their orgasm and then close their eyes and let out a loud moan.

Married women are the hottest. They make horny divorcees look tame by comparison. A married woman on the hunt is insatiable. While sex is sweet vanilla with hubby its over the top with a lover.

I am seeing one now. She is the total sweet innocent mom in public. But she wants all the fun she can get behind closes doors. 18 years of vanilla sex at home. She wants it all 3ways with another man and another woman. This should be interesting. Want to join us?

Tell me about your suspicions about hot and not hot friends.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Hunger and Dear John Letters

Life is sometimes weird and sometimes funny and often times both. As I get older I appreciate both the oddity and the humor and relish those times when both collide.

I received a dear John letter from my most recent friend with benefits buddy. Another unsatisfied, bored, restless housewife who wanted to take a walk on the wilder side. Though she claimed no interest or intent on more than a safe, sane, sexual relationship something happened. Her stated intentions collided with her emotions and resulted in me receiving a Dear John letter.

You know the type, Dear John, I have to take a break. It has become obvious that I can not be satisfied with a purely physical relationship. I'm miserable. I'll always love you yada yada yada, blah blah blah. It was fun while it lasted and I am glad that I was able to open her up to experiences and possibilities she was curious about but couldn't realize on her own. I was her sexual Sherpa. But not a soul mate. I couldn't be.

I chat with many people, and have a few close confidants. One, in particular, reads this blog. She is one of the sexiest people on the planet, without even trying. There are times I think she either has a secret life or wants one. And, oh how I'd love to be part of it.

We need to have this conversation, and see if we both feel the same way and then find a way to discreetly take it to the next level. I can easily imagine having her sit in my office chair with my face buried in her wet pussy, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open, body shaking. YUM! Don't you think?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuck Buddies and Other Strangers

Its been a while since I have blogged. Life has been busy on every front.

I met a woman on Ashley Madison (the site whose tag line is "when monogamy becomes monotony) Like so many adult sites most of the people there are FOS, phonies, fakes or wannabes.

Some have it all together and know what they seek.

I met a local married woman, desperately bored with life who needed some excitement. She had "never done anything like this" before but was drowning in boredom. Being the chivalrous guy I am I thought it my duty to rescue her.

What ensued was utterly unexpected. I quickly discovered this woman simply needed to have her sexuality unlocked and when it was, wow. She reported 13 years of vanilla sex before we met. While she was cautious at first once we developed a level of trust she was willing to spread her wings (and her legs) and experiment. Our sexual adventures could best be described, to stick with the ice cream metaphor, as 29 flavors.

All was going great until she realized she wasn't bored at all, she was miserable. She had married the wrong man.

Our fuck buddy fun was over. Not because she wanted it to be but because her expectations changed. We remain friends but, she has found a similarly situated guy to hang with. Lucky him. Hope he is in shape and open minded.

I learned that when a woman says she is bored in her marriage she may be telling the truth or searching for it. I also realized that even the shyest, most vanilla person has fantasies and desires and, when unleashed with the right person, they can way exceed expectations.
It also made me realize how much I would love to eat and fuck Ms Morningside. Can I?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Am I a bad guy

What would your opinion be of a guy who meets a bored 40 yo married woman and unleashed her hidden sexual being?

I mean she did have a profile on one of the married and looking sites and she did answer my nearly innocent email greeting and she did meet me two days later and was wearing a skirt with no panties and had a hungry kiss.

She did meet me the following week and and hop into my front seat hike up her skirt spread her legs, take my hand and pull it to her soaking wet pussy.

She did have me come to her house the next week and meet me at the door dressed in a sexy white nightie with eyelets and proceed to give me a tour of the house ending in the guest room where I was made to feel right at home.

She did taste incredible, and feel incredible and try anything I asked. She is open minded and adventurous and curious. She is attractive and fun...

I think she used me! I was used! Yeah I was used! Can't wait to be used more...

The song if it feels this good being used... then keep on using me until you use me up... She wants a 3way mmf and mff. Any takers?